HempLove is a female founded ethical slow fashion brand based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.

We are a brand that believe sustainable fashion can make a difference in the health of our planet and for future generations to live in a cleaner, greener environment. based on honesty, transparency and a shared passion for nature and the environment.

Today, we stand firmly on these three principles. We believe that transparency towards our customers forms the foundation that we will build HempLove on. Transparency throughout the whole process, from our fair trade raw material sourcing, designing and manufacturing process, our environmental footprint and our involvement in local communities throughout Africa to promote sustainable fashion in every step we take.

As a company started by females, we have a passion to promote and improve the skills sets of women in Africa and bring sustainable fashion to international platforms where it can be recognized. We are a part of the sustainable movement in Africa and we aim to lead by example and set standards for other like-minded individuals to join the sustainable revolution.

About Us

Sustainable and eco friendly

Sustainability is not our only point of difference, we aim to challenge and drive a change in the textile and cosmetic industries in Africa by creating awareness and promoting a conscious living as the desired lifestyle.


It is our responsibility to educate and create awareness about industrial hemp and its uses on local, national and international platforms

~ you are your ancestors wildest dreams

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We believe that transparency is the key to our company’s success and we have gained our clients trust by doing so.