Winter Styling Tips

1. The classic collar shirt (with a special touch)

The classic white-collar shirt is a must-have for any wardrobe and can be used to complete multiple looks! Finding the perfect collar shirt with a special touch – is not as easy. That’s why we focus on adding small details to elevate our garments. Our Penda shirt, with its dramatic oversized cuffs, is stunning to pair with a chunky jersey with the cuffs rolled over the sleeves and a crisp tailored pants. Have fun by adding bulky jewelry around the cuffs or a silk scarf around your head or neck to elevate the look. The Penda shirt is also great to pair with your favorite jean, an oversized coat and a pair of boots!

2. Layers on layers

We absolutely love our Dalia skirt for this winter season. Have some fun layering it up with your favorite winter garments to transform your look. Easy to pair with items like a chunky jersey, stockings, boots, and a felt hat, this look will have you turning heads wherever you go. This skirt is definitely one of our top pics for this season– and we must mention how well it works in both winter and summer seasons!

3. The polo neck effect

What is a wardrobe without a polo neck to keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter months! We would like to introduceto you  to our super soft and comfortable hemp and organic cotton blend knit polo neck. Available in our grey mélange color, and designed with its delicate details, this polo neck is enough to transform any outfit into something special for the autumn and winter months.

4. The Boxy Blazer

Our Jina jacket, in its slightly oversized and boxy design, is the ‘it’ blazer for this season. We love to style it with our Chiku tailored pants, polo neck, a pair of boots or trendy sneakers, or even with your favorite jean! This jacket is versatile in its design and can be worn right throughout the year. Another favorite is to pair it with our dainty Kai or Lulu crop top.