Why hemp clothing can be worn in winter and summer seasons

Call us biased, but we really do love hemp and we would like to tell you why. Hemp is superior to cotton as a natural fibre alternative for many reasons, but  the three main reasons are all ecological.

Hemp requires half the amount of land to cultivate vs cotton. It remediates the soil and uses 10 times less water than a cotton crop.

Despite these obvious ecological reasons why hemp is an incredible textile, we’ve dug a little deeper to explain what you can expect from a hemp garment.

1. Breathable and airy

We mean it,  it feels natural and soft on the skin and allows the air to move freely. You will feel it light and comfortable in your garment.

2. UV protectant

Hemp has UV protectant properties, so you can be assured that when you spend a day out in the summer sun, your long sleeve shirt or dress will keep you protected from the sunny rays.

3. Durable

Hemp has been used for centuries, because of it’s durability. You can be certain that your hemp garment will last you a few years, which is so much better than buying a cheap fast fashion item that can’t be worn after five washes (sorry to sound ‘sales-y’, but it’s true).

4. Absorbent

We know the frustration of sweaty armpits while wearing a nice white collar shirt. Luckily hemp is more absorbent than most other textiles, so you don’t have to face any embarrassing sweety marks whilst wearing a classical linen outfit.