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What made you decide to start bod services?

I started Bod services 5 years ago because I saw the impact influencers had with promoting brands and creating awareness around a product or a brand. I thought to myself how amazing it would be to rather use that same influence to influence a community by giving back a service rather than a product. I guess I just saw the opportunity for influencers to give back using their platforms to do more than just promote products, but to give back as well.

What challenges have you been facing since you started your brand?

I think starting a brand is the easiest part – it’s exciting, there is so much energy behind the brand in the initial phase. It’s keeping the brand at that point, especially now in today’s day and age where everyone’s slowly wanting to become their own bosses and entrepreneurs. When I started this journey 5 years ago it wasn’t a norm and now it is quite a norm – so it’s finding and keeping your voice, your message and your authenticity in the noise that is social media. This is definitely my biggest challenge

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You inspire and influence a lot of women; how does it feel to know this and to know how many people’s lives get changed by your influence?

It is probably the coolest feeling in the world and it’s definitely drives me to continue doing it. My goal is to change one woman’s or person’s life every single day – and if I get that done then I go to bed happy. To be honest, I didn’t know that it would come with the life choices I’ve made, but I will never wish to change any part of it.

What does “being healthy” mean to you?

Being healthy used to be a complete aesthetic thing, but I think being healthy for me now is the way I view the world, the way I choose to lead people and to ensure people’s experience of me is a positive experience, as I believe there’s more impact in that. Also how I deal with my own “bs” internally instead of projecting it onto other people. I think it’s very much about the small and conscious choices I make throughout the day that leave me feeling light when I go to bed.


What is in the pipeline for you in the near future?

I am leaving to India at the end of this month to go study yoga and to get my yoga teachers training in the Himalaya’s. I am very exciting for this experience and hope to start 2020 with my yoga teachers training behind me. I don’t really like to plan too much, but I have some exciting other projects that will be launching later this year.

You’ve been involved in charity work – by supplying food to the homeless? What inspired you to start this movement and how can people get involved and contribute?

I have many ideas of how I’d like to work with Bod service and give back to the community. At first it was Future Life and Sasko who approached me and said that if we ever have any food drives, they will sponsor the bread. So I thought that is a great way to start, because it is the most susceptible for people to get involved. It’s easy for people to commit to. It’s not asking a lot of labor or time, rather it’s a really accessible way to give back and I find that making things easy when starting is the best way to get the ball rolling. People can get involved by  following bod service or my page candibod and every week I will say if we are going to go somewhere or if there is another person giving back to the community, I’ll promote their work.  There’s always something to do and there is always a lot to give back because there is a lot of people in need.

You deal with a lot of women who are trying to “fix” their bodies and become healthier, what is your advice to women out there facing their insecurities and overcoming them?

Yes, I do deal and communicate with a lot of women regarding insecurities and wanting to “change” their bodies. I think the best thing to do is to take a step back and step away from the physical and focus on the mental. I find that when I am couching my girls at Boss models, my first step is to start with their mind space and to see where they are mentally because that normally depicts a lot of their choices whether it is the health side or the fitness side. When your head space is not in a good space you are more inclined to make negative choices towards food and movement. So that is the first thing I usually do, is to check where peoples head space is at and see where negative patterns are coming into play and possibly find the root of that. I don’t try to fix the root cause, but rather encourage people to deal with the root cause of the negative patterns and see how we can implement positive patterns, slowly, so that they can be sustained.

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